15 Mystery dungeons!- week 15

First off, can you tell I’m running out of titles?! Cuz I am!!!!!

sketch: I was watching treasure planet and decided to work on some pose sketches.


While exploring various trailers for movies, I came across a french animation title called The Illusionist. I haven’t been able to watch it but from seeing the trailers, I’m really interested in the animation style. Its so interesting to see a different animation style than the american one I am used to. While watching the trailers, I noticed a few different things. Mainly being the animation style, the second being that there is not much background music. I noticed that American flicks and such have quite a bit of background music, to increase the mood of the film. The illusionist, had almost no extra music in it at all. I think I will try looking for this film, for it looks very promising!

My second inspiration is a preview I saw for a new show called Young Justice. Its pretty much all the younger versions and/or sidekicks of the popular DC superheros. It features characters such as Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Wondergirl, ect. I really liked the concept for this show because usually, shows tend to focus on main characters and superheros, never the side kicks. This show gives the opportunity for other DC character who are less popular to have time in the spot light. Much like they did with the minor characters in Justice League Unlimited. All I can say is, I really look forward to this show.


14 is the new MMO- week 14


Im not really sure what to say, I just had fun with this one, kinda with the pose and such.



So my first inspiration is a game that i’ve recently revisited because of my friends interest in it. I’ve re-visited the world that is animal crossing. Its interesting to think that a game like this that has such a simple goal can become an immensely popular game. I mean the basic goal of this game is to pay off your house from tom nook. You can do this by selling items and such to him to pay off your dept. Besides the simple goal of play, the time also goes along with real world time. This game a very long play seeing as new thing are only available with a different day.

My second inspiration is another game (i bet you can see what i’m really interested in now), that I have also revisited this week. I recently traded a game from my friend that is called Spyro the Dragon Season of Ice. I remembered playing this game when I was much younger and decided I wanted to play it again. Its amazing to see how certain games continue year after year with the same characters, same simple gameplay (with a few additions), but with a different storyline. The Spyro series recently had a new addition in 2008.

13 FF games! – Week 13

I feel I should have made my sketch Final Fantasy related because of the title….but yet I have a pokemon sketch…. a little odd isn’t it? Anyway here is my sketch. It includes the new pokemon and trainers from the new Black and White game. I’m not sure if the pose looks alright, but eh, it will have to do.


So for my first inspiration for this week, I am going to talk a bit about a Disney movie Atlantis: The lost Empire. I don’t know why, but during the course of this week, I had a strong urge to watch this movie, and so I did. One thing that I really enjoyed about this movie was the facial expressions and the body movements of the characters. It was really fun to watch and try to picture the animation frames of each scene.

My second inspiration is an old Japanese movie that I happened to stumble upon while browsing youtube. Its called Journey to fairyland. I thought it was funny that I was able to recognize that it was an old cartoon right away. Though I had no idea what was going on in the story, I enjoyed watching it and seeing the difference between how different countries animate their cartoons.

Assignment 7 final

12 days later- week 12

I have to say, i’m really starting to run out of inspiration. I’m just not inspired 2 days out of the week! Haha

Here is my sketch. Please no comments about the hands as I do realize that they look funny.


I have been playing this new game I got called Dragon Quest IX. Its one of my favorite types of games. Its an rpg game in which you get to create your own character. I think they pulled this idea off very well because it blends your character in so well that it doesn’t feel like your custom character could be created for anything else. If you kinda get what i’m saying? I’ve played games where you can create your own character and when it comes to certain points in the game, the flow of the game is interrupted through a cut scene or dialog that reminds you that the hero of this game could be anyone. Right…I just ranted didn’t I?

My second inspiration is the clothes that are worn by belly dancers. Typically when one sees these clothes they think of lands off to the East or associate them with a type of gypsy. I really enjoy drawing these types of clothes because of the freedom and creativity you can give them. Much better than a simple type of shorts and a shirt.(While looking for this image, I stumbled upon another wordpress blog! I thought it was really funny!)


well here is my (sad) animation. It would have been much cooler if my 3Ds max would stop crashing every time I tried to select a certain object in the animation. But whats done is done. Look I made a bunch of purple bubbles! If you don’t know exactly whats happening think of it like clockwork. The gears start turning and it creates something.I had to upload it to youtube to be able to post it here.


11 eyes on you- week 11

Yes, just as the title says, there is a cyclops also watching you.heh.

Here is my sketch for this week. I’m just practicing poses.


So for this week I have really come to enjoy Toy Story 3. Besides the fact that the animation and detail in this movie are beyond amazing, I really liked the fact that this particular movie could stir up so many different emotions. Like for example, the feeling of leaving something you love. It is an emotion that most people can relate to in the movie, and therefore watch the movie on a whole new level.

My second inspirations is an artist that goes by the name of cartoongirl7 on deviantart.com. I really love her work for one main reason, her coloring techniques. She uses traditional means to color her artwork and does each and every beautiful piece by hand. Her main tool of trade is what is known as a copic marker, which are quite popular among manga artists. Here is an example of her work. Her deviant page is located at http://www.cartoongirl7.deviantart.com/

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