Assignment 1.2

Here is the second half of assignment 1.

Its a Buzz plate! Imagine seeing him in the sky while you were walking or driving. Yeah you would probably crash into something…so don’t look to the clouds trying to find him!

I don’t know….

Its time to go see star trek at the theater!Only really nice ones (like this one with the waterfall on the top) have the honor of showing it!

And there is my part 2 assignment…


Week 1-down for the count

Yay! My very first blog. So I’ll simply start off by saying a bit about my interests which will tie into my first posted sketch. I love to play videogames, it is my biggest pastime besides drawing. My favorite genre being RPG, particularly JRPG. For those of you who do not know what these abbreviations stand for it is Role playing game and Japanese role playing game. JRPG is as it states, a role playing game created in Japan, not about Japan. There are many famous JRPGs out there, but probably none as famous as the Final Fantasy franchise. This particular franchise is huge spawning up to over 20 games! This series also happens to be my favorite video game series to play. Here is a sketch featuring some playable characters from Final Fantasy IX. I also enjoy drawing fan art so most of my sketches will be that.

Here are some of my inspirations! Here is a song from a (band) called Vocaloid. Now Vocaloid isn’t your typical band because there aren’t any band members! Just some dude sitting at his computer (like I am now) who created these songs. Here is a example of what I mean. (ignore the intro) . (just copy this into your browser and ignore the intro) This band is created through a program that creates these voices. (its japanese) Another Inspiration is a manga called 1/2 prince. In the manga it feature a game world that you create only one character and interact as that character. The character looks like you and will even sound like you. That would be amazing if we could get that far with our technology. I do believe though, we will be there one day. Anywho, here is a link to the manga. Maybe you’ll like it and read it in the future! (again just copy into your browser. I haven’t quite got this site down yet)

Here are my  images from assignment 1.1


Here is a picture I took when I was in Dallas Texas. We had just parked our car for a convention when we saw this giant poster. There was so much detail in it and it was so awesome, there was no hesitation on my part to take this picture. p.s its my city pic.

Bringin it downtown!

Its movie time!


Its batman! Here is my object which is my Justice League Batman Figure. Man I wish they had a Robin this cool…

My Star Trek movie stand! Amazing isn’t it?

Lol what?


Now for my landscape. Nothing special I know! (At least compared to my other two…) But this will get the job done!

Large bodies of water! Makes me think of a videogame…

Oh its the duckpond! Lots of people hang around here.

Hey this was kinda fun! Till next time.

Hello world!

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