5 is the magic number- week 5

So i’m going to be honest about my sketch this week, I’ve been busy trying to finish the line art of a picture i’m currently doing. (In my terms, finished line art is a sketch, a.k.a no color). So because of the fact that I haven’t finished it yet, I’m going to submit something a little older. I drew this after I had taken  my japanese final. I was very nervous about that final, so drawing this picture helped me to relax afterwards.


So this week I went to see the play Chicago at the Albuquerque Little Theater. I was greatly impressed with their use of a single stage which was used through out all the scenes, and the use of simple objects. These objects were mainly chairs and hats. While sitting through this play, I didn’t even feel like I was watching a small performance. All the actors brought this play to life extremely well, and it just proves that it doesn’t matter what props or backgrounds you have, its the performance that really counts.

My next inspiration is a movie based off a popular board game. I was surprised when I had learned that Clue was turned into a live action movie. I enjoyed this movie for many reasons. One being that there were three different endings to the movie that reminded me of how much this movie is really a game. The second being that fact that even though it was a movie about the mystery of murder, they still found time to cleverly incorporate humor into this movie. I was extremely pleased when I watch the real ending of this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a silly mystery or the game itself.


4 till launch- week 4

Here is my sketch for this week. He is a snake charmer I suppose. Sorry for the bad quality but I took the picture with my phone because I didn’t want to take it out of my sketch book. Its pretty small but that’s the best I can do.

Here is my inspiration for the week. I have recently been playing a lot of this game called Castle Crashers. It is seriously addicting and is designed for multiplayer use. You can play it single  player but its pretty hard if you try to conquer this game yourself. With the addition of unlockable characters, you can easily spend a lot of hours on this game. I know I have!

I also heard of this new item that is being sold at the  state fair and such. DEEP FRIED BUTTER! Thats right butter! I can’t believe that this is real! Its like heart attack on a stick. It sounds pretty gross to me and I’m not sure how people can eat this stuff. I really thought that my friend was lying to me about this till I looked it up. Are people becoming bored with the current food now, that they feel they need to reach out and create food that really shouldn’t be consumed? I’m not sure but i’ll tell you one thing, I will never try this food.

Assignment 3

Three is a crowd- week 3

So here is  a sketch that I did while I was at work. I kinda based the characters off of mega man. Kinda anyway. I’m thinking of making another version of this that is an actual pic, not just a sketch. I’m thinkin of making it old anime style or something.


So this week I went to see the re-released version of “Avatar” in theaters. It apparently has 20 more minutes of new footage but I don’t remember that much that was new. I think its interesting to know that this movie was so popular, that they released another version. I think its just to earn more money because they could have just gone strait to DVD and made it a special version or something….

I also played a fair amount of little big planet this weekend. I think its amazing that even though this game is a few years old, its still being played by millions of people! This game will most likely remain popular until Little Big Planet 2 comes out. Even then, thats not for sure. I mean everyday people are making more unique levels for this game that anyone can play.

assignment 2

Okay well I tried on this assignment. That’s all I can really say for this.

Twice the charm- week 2

So here is my sketch for week 2. I think its kinda like a vampire demon boy or something i’m not too sure really.

So for my inspiration for this week I put the new Resident Evil movie trailer. I don’t really care for horror movies or anything related to the sort, but my friend wants to go see this for her birthday. I didn’t know what to tell her but then she told me we could do something else for her birthday if I didn’t want to see this. I’m pretty relieved that she changed her mind actually.

My next inspiration is from a series I’ve always known about, but just got into it. REALLY REALLY INTO IT. Its like its my new obsession, and I plan to go buy the first installment of the series soon. I have to say my favorite characters from this series is Vegeta and his son Trunks. Now I’ve seen bits and pieces of this anime, but now I’m going to watch this legendary anime from the beginning.

If you can’t tell from the pic, Its the show Dragon Ball Z.