Twice the charm- week 2

So here is my sketch for week 2. I think its kinda like a vampire demon boy or something i’m not too sure really.

So for my inspiration for this week I put the new Resident Evil movie trailer. I don’t really care for horror movies or anything related to the sort, but my friend wants to go see this for her birthday. I didn’t know what to tell her but then she told me we could do something else for her birthday if I didn’t want to see this. I’m pretty relieved that she changed her mind actually.

My next inspiration is from a series I’ve always known about, but just got into it. REALLY REALLY INTO IT. Its like its my new obsession, and I plan to go buy the first installment of the series soon. I have to say my favorite characters from this series is Vegeta and his son Trunks. Now I’ve seen bits and pieces of this anime, but now I’m going to watch this legendary anime from the beginning.

If you can’t tell from the pic, Its the show Dragon Ball Z.


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