Three is a crowd- week 3

So here is  a sketch that I did while I was at work. I kinda based the characters off of mega man. Kinda anyway. I’m thinking of making another version of this that is an actual pic, not just a sketch. I’m thinkin of making it old anime style or something.


So this week I went to see the re-released version of “Avatar” in theaters. It apparently has 20 more minutes of new footage but I don’t remember that much that was new. I think its interesting to know that this movie was so popular, that they released another version. I think its just to earn more money because they could have just gone strait to DVD and made it a special version or something….

I also played a fair amount of little big planet this weekend. I think its amazing that even though this game is a few years old, its still being played by millions of people! This game will most likely remain popular until Little Big Planet 2 comes out. Even then, thats not for sure. I mean everyday people are making more unique levels for this game that anyone can play.


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