4 till launch- week 4

Here is my sketch for this week. He is a snake charmer I suppose. Sorry for the bad quality but I took the picture with my phone because I didn’t want to take it out of my sketch book. Its pretty small but that’s the best I can do.

Here is my inspiration for the week. I have recently been playing a lot of this game called Castle Crashers. It is seriously addicting and is designed for multiplayer use. You can play it single  player but its pretty hard if you try to conquer this game yourself. With the addition of unlockable characters, you can easily spend a lot of hours on this game. I know I have!

I also heard of this new item that is being sold at the  state fair and such. DEEP FRIED BUTTER! Thats right butter! I can’t believe that this is real! Its like heart attack on a stick. It sounds pretty gross to me and I’m not sure how people can eat this stuff. I really thought that my friend was lying to me about this till I looked it up. Are people becoming bored with the current food now, that they feel they need to reach out and create food that really shouldn’t be consumed? I’m not sure but i’ll tell you one thing, I will never try this food.


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