5 is the magic number- week 5

So i’m going to be honest about my sketch this week, I’ve been busy trying to finish the line art of a picture i’m currently doing. (In my terms, finished line art is a sketch, a.k.a no color). So because of the fact that I haven’t finished it yet, I’m going to submit something a little older. I drew this after I had taken  my japanese final. I was very nervous about that final, so drawing this picture helped me to relax afterwards.


So this week I went to see the play Chicago at the Albuquerque Little Theater. I was greatly impressed with their use of a single stage which was used through out all the scenes, and the use of simple objects. These objects were mainly chairs and hats. While sitting through this play, I didn’t even feel like I was watching a small performance. All the actors brought this play to life extremely well, and it just proves that it doesn’t matter what props or backgrounds you have, its the performance that really counts.

My next inspiration is a movie based off a popular board game. I was surprised when I had learned that Clue was turned into a live action movie. I enjoyed this movie for many reasons. One being that there were three different endings to the movie that reminded me of how much this movie is really a game. The second being that fact that even though it was a movie about the mystery of murder, they still found time to cleverly incorporate humor into this movie. I was extremely pleased when I watch the real ending of this movie. I would recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys a silly mystery or the game itself.


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