7 days in a week! -week 7

So for my sketch I decided to work on a more cartoon style with one of my favorite superheros. Its not really an original character or anything, but I consider a sketch to be what we want to do. Even if it is fan art of one  of your favorite characters. So this is my attempt at an older teen Robin. I am really proud of the way this cartoon style Robin turned out.


So i’ve been watching the trailers for MegaMind quite a bit this week. I think its the main storyline that has captured my attention. I really like the idea of a villain having to fill in for a hero. Also from the previews, there seems to be a lot of humor. Which is expected from dreamworks studio. They tend to incorporate quite a bit of humor into their films. I’m really looking forward to the release of this movie.

As for my second inspiration for this week, I stumbled upon a hacked pokemon game called Pokemon Chaos Black. The idea of a hacked game interested me, so I purchased this game. In this version of the game, the alter the storyline as well as introduce unofficial pokemon (fakemon) into the game. Its very interesting and even though it is a fake pokemon game, it still has the elements of a official pokemon game. Its very interesting to play.


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