9 in the afternoon- week 9

sketch: so I lost the sketch I was originally working on…I can’t find it anywhere. So I had to do another one real quick based on last weeks inspirations. I drew a gothic ghost.





So I was watching my friend play this game called fallout: new vegas and was surprised at how open ended it was. In this particular game, you can adventure, steal, choose sides, pretty much everything imaginable. I was also surprised at how many thing you need to keep a watch on while you play. Your character will constantly need food, water, use the bathroom, medicine. ammo, stats, skills, and sleep. Its the whole nine yards if you expect to play this game. It seems very complicated to me, but I really enjoyed the fact that in this particular game, you can do pretty much about anything and everything you could think of.

My second inspiration for this week is the movie Ponyo. This movie is created by a japanese studio called Studio Ghibli. This studio creates amazing masterpieces that have been translated into several different languages. I was really excited when I watched this movie. The art and storyline were particularly amazing in this film. A good summary of this story would be Japanese Little Mermaid.


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