11 eyes on you- week 11

Yes, just as the title says, there is a cyclops also watching you.heh.

Here is my sketch for this week. I’m just practicing poses.


So for this week I have really come to enjoy Toy Story 3. Besides the fact that the animation and detail in this movie are beyond amazing, I really liked the fact that this particular movie could stir up so many different emotions. Like for example, the feeling of leaving something you love. It is an emotion that most people can relate to in the movie, and therefore watch the movie on a whole new level.

My second inspirations is an artist that goes by the name of cartoongirl7 on deviantart.com. I really love her work for one main reason, her coloring techniques. She uses traditional means to color her artwork and does each and every beautiful piece by hand. Her main tool of trade is what is known as a copic marker, which are quite popular among manga artists. Here is an example of her work. Her deviant page is located at http://www.cartoongirl7.deviantart.com/


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