12 days later- week 12

I have to say, i’m really starting to run out of inspiration. I’m just not inspired 2 days out of the week! Haha

Here is my sketch. Please no comments about the hands as I do realize that they look funny.


I have been playing this new game I got called Dragon Quest IX. Its one of my favorite types of games. Its an rpg game in which you get to create your own character. I think they pulled this idea off very well because it blends your character in so well that it doesn’t feel like your custom character could be created for anything else. If you kinda get what i’m saying? I’ve played games where you can create your own character and when it comes to certain points in the game, the flow of the game is interrupted through a cut scene or dialog that reminds you that the hero of this game could be anyone. Right…I just ranted didn’t I?

My second inspiration is the clothes that are worn by belly dancers. Typically when one sees these clothes they think of lands off to the East or associate them with a type of gypsy. I really enjoy drawing these types of clothes because of the freedom and creativity you can give them. Much better than a simple type of shorts and a shirt.(While looking for this image, I stumbled upon another wordpress blog! I thought it was really funny!)


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