14 is the new MMO- week 14


Im not really sure what to say, I just had fun with this one, kinda with the pose and such.



So my first inspiration is a game that i’ve recently revisited because of my friends interest in it. I’ve re-visited the world that is animal crossing. Its interesting to think that a game like this that has such a simple goal can become an immensely popular game. I mean the basic goal of this game is to pay off your house from tom nook. You can do this by selling items and such to him to pay off your dept. Besides the simple goal of play, the time also goes along with real world time. This game a very long play seeing as new thing are only available with a different day.

My second inspiration is another game (i bet you can see what i’m really interested in now), that I have also revisited this week. I recently traded a game from my friend that is called Spyro the Dragon Season of Ice. I remembered playing this game when I was much younger and decided I wanted to play it again. Its amazing to see how certain games continue year after year with the same characters, same simple gameplay (with a few additions), but with a different storyline. The Spyro series recently had a new addition in 2008.


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