15 Mystery dungeons!- week 15

First off, can you tell I’m running out of titles?! Cuz I am!!!!!

sketch: I was watching treasure planet and decided to work on some pose sketches.


While exploring various trailers for movies, I came across a french animation title called The Illusionist. I haven’t been able to watch it but from seeing the trailers, I’m really interested in the animation style. Its so interesting to see a different animation style than the american one I am used to. While watching the trailers, I noticed a few different things. Mainly being the animation style, the second being that there is not much background music. I noticed that American flicks and such have quite a bit of background music, to increase the mood of the film. The illusionist, had almost no extra music in it at all. I think I will try looking for this film, for it looks very promising!

My second inspiration is a preview I saw for a new show called Young Justice. Its pretty much all the younger versions and/or sidekicks of the popular DC superheros. It features characters such as Robin, Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Wondergirl, ect. I really liked the concept for this show because usually, shows tend to focus on main characters and superheros, never the side kicks. This show gives the opportunity for other DC character who are less popular to have time in the spot light. Much like they did with the minor characters in Justice League Unlimited. All I can say is, I really look forward to this show.


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