assignment 7

well I’m trying to finish mine, yet my 3ds max keeps crashing on me. So i’ll post them as I finish them.


Tech 1 though you can barely see it.


10 times the magic- week 10

So this sketch is the start of a piece in which I’m going to include various references to game in it. So far you cant see them, but when I add the color and signs into it, the references will be there. I never practice landscapes so here is one of my feeble attempts to make a semi-decent pic.





So this week I’ve played a bit of assassins creed 2 and there are a few elements of the game that has inspired me this week. There are two different aspects of this game that I’m going to mention today, that are related in the game, yet very different.

The first element is the open ended game play. Just like I talked about last week with fallout: New Vegas, I enjoy the fact that this game is very open ended.In this game, you can interact with almost any object you see in the game. You can climb up walls, jump over people, pick up almost any time, ect. I really enjoy this aspect of gaming because you get the freedom to explore and do things your way, that many games don’t offer. If the game told you to follow this person and then kill them (remember you are an assassin) you could do this in multiple ways. You could follow this person on the ground by blending in with the crowds or follow him on by jumping from rooftop to rooftop. You are also able to choose your killing method in this game. Would you rather go with the usual assassination method of surprise? Or perhaps you would prefer to throw a sharp knife from a distance, or just to discard all elements of surprise and just walk strait up to the person and kill him melee style. With this game, the way you choose to play is up to you, and with the multiple challenges and story parts, this game never looses its fun and new factor for me.

My second inspiration is also from the game, but an entirely different factor of this game. In assassins creed 2 you collect art. These pieces of art that you collect are famous pieces of art that were created around the same time frame that this games takes place. (or at least that is what I think). While looking at these classical pieces of art I notice how amazing they really are. There seems to be a pattern in these pieces of art, but that is best explained at a later time. Not in a blog. Here is an example of a piece of art you collect in the game that I think is really beautiful. The title of the piece is called The Birth of Venus.

9 in the afternoon- week 9

sketch: so I lost the sketch I was originally working on…I can’t find it anywhere. So I had to do another one real quick based on last weeks inspirations. I drew a gothic ghost.





So I was watching my friend play this game called fallout: new vegas and was surprised at how open ended it was. In this particular game, you can adventure, steal, choose sides, pretty much everything imaginable. I was also surprised at how many thing you need to keep a watch on while you play. Your character will constantly need food, water, use the bathroom, medicine. ammo, stats, skills, and sleep. Its the whole nine yards if you expect to play this game. It seems very complicated to me, but I really enjoyed the fact that in this particular game, you can do pretty much about anything and everything you could think of.

My second inspiration for this week is the movie Ponyo. This movie is created by a japanese studio called Studio Ghibli. This studio creates amazing masterpieces that have been translated into several different languages. I was really excited when I watched this movie. The art and storyline were particularly amazing in this film. A good summary of this story would be Japanese Little Mermaid.

Assignment 6

8 more cookies- Week 8

I would like to start off by saying….I’m running out of titles for the numbers! I have no Idea what i’m going to do for next week! So my sketch for this week is this:

If your a little curious as to what this is, so am I. I was picturing what a real vampire looked like in Castlevania (game) terms. I didn’t have a reference image or anything, so I ended up creating this. I actually think its kinda cute. I’m not sure what I want to call this little creature I’ve created but…yeah. I really liked the way it turned out and I think I will be working to edit and continue to make this creature interesting.



As I have mentioned for my sketch, I was inspired by the game Castlevania Lords of Shadow for the PS3. It is a fun looking game and I can give praise for the animation and rendering qualities in this game. The cut scenes and the game play look exactly the same. If you weren’t careful, you wouldn’t know you were in a cutscene or actually playing! Here is an image from official game art.

My second inspiration is sort of related to my first one for this week. That would be gothic art. I came across a gothic art book and Borders the other day and I really liked the images I saw inside. I enjoy gothic art because of its ability to be beautiful and sad at the same time. It is a good way to portray emotions and include the darker colors of the spectrum. Here are a few images I collected that I believe hold the beautiful and sad quality that I enjoy.

7 days in a week! -week 7

So for my sketch I decided to work on a more cartoon style with one of my favorite superheros. Its not really an original character or anything, but I consider a sketch to be what we want to do. Even if it is fan art of oneĀ  of your favorite characters. So this is my attempt at an older teen Robin. I am really proud of the way this cartoon style Robin turned out.


So i’ve been watching the trailers for MegaMind quite a bit this week. I think its the main storyline that has captured my attention. I really like the idea of a villain having to fill in for a hero. Also from the previews, there seems to be a lot of humor. Which is expected from dreamworks studio. They tend to incorporate quite a bit of humor into their films. I’m really looking forward to the release of this movie.

As for my second inspiration for this week, I stumbled upon a hacked pokemon game called Pokemon Chaos Black. The idea of a hacked game interested me, so I purchased this game. In this version of the game, the alter the storyline as well as introduce unofficial pokemon (fakemon) into the game. Its very interesting and even though it is a fake pokemon game, it still has the elements of a official pokemon game. Its very interesting to play.

Assignment 5- the chair!

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